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LinkYou page.

The ultimate personal brand one-page link site.

LinkYou is a personal and business brand "link in bio" one-pager that can be used as your own website or as a way to link your audience to various projects on your website and around the web.

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Craft your LinkYou page.

A one-page site keeps your guests attention and is proven most effective on mobile devices.

Hero Section

Stay in front of your audience by maintaining a compelling hero lead statement at the top of your LinkYou page.

Box Links

Give direct links to websites, content, and subscription forms. Add a call to action and give direction.

Highlight Link/video

Feature your latest product, lead generator, video or a simple message for your audience to focus on.

Carousel Photo Links

Images are more effective than words. Attach a photo to each link for automatic switching in a carousel.


Add validation and social proof by sharing a message from one of your clients or customers.

Tabbed Photo Album (Pro)

Tell your story with enhanced imagery and tabs for each category of photo. Location can be added if relevant.

Featured Videos Vlog (Pro)

Create a featured video collection where each item can be shared among your prospects, colleagues, and friends.

Analytics (Pro)

Feel the buzz from traffic to your page with the latest from Google Analytics. (upon request)

Use it wherever

Take your LinkYou wherever your audience is, to help them to discover all your important content.

Rapidly build your own design system

Maintain consistancy across your website

Save hours in production time

Link to Anywhere

LinkYou Page is the launchpad to your latest video, article, recipe, tour, store, website, social post - everywhere you are online.

40+ navigations, headers, footers

50+ content, features, pricing

Forms, modules, buttons and more

Get Started with Easy Onboarding

Beautiful start-up inspired landing pages, ready to be edited to suit your own projects. Modern and responsive designs based on Forest components.

5 startup inspired templates

Beautiful and unique

Responsive and clean

Choose your layout, colors, profile image and lead statement

Easy and simple with a single design template all you need worry about is your favorite colors, profile photo and a compelling representation of why someone should listen to you.

*To begin, request form link from Alexander.

Choose your highlight and links!

Choose between 2 and 10 links to your content anywhere on the web including your highlight link with introduction and video or picture.

*To begin, request form link from Alexander.

Add LinkYou Pro features like photo stories and/or featured vlog posts

All Pro features offer additional pages for each video and photo to be shared among your prospects, colleagues, friends and family as a way to link them to the rest of your world.

*To begin, request form link from Alexander.

Publish to and insert this link on all your social media page profiles.

Alexander will personally review any updates and give recommendations as needed. Congratulations on creating your LinkYou page for your personal or business brand.

*To begin request form link from Alexander.
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5 Analytics Campaign

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5 Analytics Campaign

Branded Reports

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5 Analytics Campaign

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5 Analytics Campaign

Branded Reports

1,500 Keywords

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